Introduction to Orgasmic Yoga

Human beings in all times and cultures have experimented with sex to achieve transpersonal states of consciousness. Orgasmic Yoga evolved over the last twenty-five years out of a network of sexual adventurers and researchers exploring the potential of erotic massage and mindful masturbation. The focus of these researchers was on their own inner subjective somatic experience during arousal. By paying attention in the present moment to their own biological bodies, they became aware of a remarkable potential. Erotic trance states offered access to wisdom, creativity, aliveness and freedom not otherwise available.

Tens of thousands of learners have awakened to the joys and benefits of these blissful states with the help of The Body Electric School, The New School of Erotic Touch, and Sexological Bodywork (*). As individuals, couples, and groups realized the benefits of erotic trance, a sexual yoga emerged.

Orgasmic Yoga is an intimate and transformative discipline with a focus on pleasure and eroticism. The intention of most practitioners is to develop or reclaim erotic capacities. Some individuals practice to savor the awesome feelings in their body. Thus, Orgasmic Yoga is both profound somatic education and embodied meditation. Most practice sessions begin with “doing” and end with “being.”

The Workshop

It is the celebration of our being “erotic” and our sexuality, in a creative, conscious and embodied way, connected  with bodily sensations. Important parts of the course are breathing, caresses, massage, movement and “savoring”. Through OY we can learn to be more conscious and manage better our sexual energy; also to develop or rediscover our body as a source of pleasure.

Most of the exercises will be individual, aimed at developing the body and somatic consciousness.

Who is it for?

  • Who want to practice a more conscious sexuality, sensual and connected to the body
  • Who are looking for a modern and advanced individual sex education course

What do you learn?

  • Seven tools to have a more ecstatic life
  • Genital Massage (Yoni and Lingam)
  • How caresses can change the configuration of the nervous system in order to design your sexual life

August 3rd    15 – 19

Location: Cdmx – Coyoacan

Contribution: 450 MXP

For more information or make a reservation

message here or  Whatsapp +52 66 11 14 66 93

Who is giving the workshop

Giuseppe Zerbini

I am a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and  Tantra Masseur. I have been trained  in Italy, India, Brazil and England. I am Professional member of  ASIS (Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists).

“The experience gained over the last 7 years of practice in Tantra and Sexological Bodywork  has convinced me of the importance and effectiveness of these teachings for each person to rediscover their erotic potential; this, not only to expand their sexual experience, but rather to hearten their vitality and the passion for life in all its aspects.”

* Sexological Bodywork?

Is a method to accompany people in making new experiences with their bodies, sensations and sexuality. It was  developed in California by Dr Josef Kramer and is, in its origins, a method combining Taoist and tantric bodywork and resource-focused coaching. Through breathing exercises, presence, movement, massage, relaxation, the people can experiment  consciously their potential of wellness and pleasure. Learning is enhanced through embodied experiencing. The goal is to provide tools for all individuals to improve aspects of their sexuality and embodiment.