Sensual massage workshop for couples

One of the most recommended and important techniques in an advanced sexuality, as a couple, is to give and receive sensual massage. You will learn and experience a new, seductive and pleasant way of living your sexuality. You are going to give and receive the Tantra Massage by the perspective and methodology of  Sexological Bodywork (*).

These massages are an extremely pleasurable emotional and physical experience. It is a combination of sensual and sensitive touch that helps us discover the fullness of joy that physical touch provides: sensations of pleasure and well-being will gradually flood your body with both physical and mental excitement… is the path to the realization of your erotic potential!

This practice will lead you to a sexuality more conscious, ecstatic and connected  with your body.

Who is it for?

For couples, lovers, intimate friends, with or without experience in giving or receiving massage

What will I learn?

  • Different styles of touch
  • Genital Massage (Yoni and Lingam)
  • How to receive a massage without worrying about giving back to the other
  • What a Erotic Trance is
  • To communicate with your partner what feels good for your body and what does not
  • How nourishing caresses can re-configure the nervous system so you can design your sex life
  • How to install new beliefs about sexuality
  • The art of being a “healer lover”

May 9,  10 – 20

Location: Cdmx – Coyoacán

Contribution: 1.900 mxp for couple

(if you pay before May 2, 1.600 mxp)

For more information or make a reservation

message here or  Whatsapp +52 1 66 11 14 66 93

Who leads the workshop

Giuseppe Zerbini

I am a Certified Sexological Bodyworker(*) and  Tantra Masseur. I have been trained  in Italy, India, Brazil and England. I am Professional member of  ASIS (Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists).

“The experience gained over the last 7 years of practice in Tantra and Sexological Bodywork  has convinced me of the importance and effectiveness of these teachings for each person to rediscover their erotic potential; this, not only to expand their sexual experience, but rather to hearten their vitality and the passion for life in all its aspects.”

*Sexological Bodywork?

Is a method to accompany people in making new experiences with their bodies, sensations and sexuality. It was  developed in California by Dr Josef Kramer and is, in its origins, a method combining Taoist and Tantra bodywork and resource-focused coaching. Through breathing exercises, presence, movement, massage, relaxation, the people can experiment  consciously their potential of wellness and pleasure. Learning is enhanced through embodied experiencing. The goal is to provide tools for all individuals to improve aspects of their sexuality and embodiment.